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My Connectivism in Detail

October 12, 2012

Connectivism is a learning theory used in computer science which is based on the premise that knowledge exists in the world rather than in head of an individual  (The Free Dictionary, 2012) I remember beginning my education journey with a goal of earning my masters. One of my concerns, at that time, was how was I going to stay connected, educationally. I wasn’t too concerned with my social status as when I was growing up all the online social media had not yet hit the scene. I more so enjoy social functions where you have to physically show up.

It was such an inconvenience to always go to the library to use their research tools only available if you had a library card. So when in home technology became available, which offered internet became available along, with all the specific search engines to utilize for specific purposes, I knew all would go well on my educational journey.

Majority of my research I utilize the internet and search engines Bing and Google. I then jump onto Skype with individuals to discuss the research and receive their feedback. For educational purpose, the discussions, university library, and Gratner Group Researches work well for me.

I utilize the communication media such as educational and business magazines, as well as, books. Majority of the above mentioned media I read online or through Evernote, or Bilo.

Although I do not often communicate by posting and commenting, I do regularly read others postings and comments on Facebook. I tend to enjoy attending functions where I can utilize face-to-face communication. Of course I follow-up with friend requests of individuals I meet at these functions and post the pictures.


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