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Reading other Instrutional Desginers Blogs

September 10, 2012

So this is my very first time blogging! As I read the few different blogs from other Instructional Designers it was clear to see they each shared areas of concern on how to make things most perceptive for the student.

One blog I read was looking to understand if a public speaking class is possible or not possible online  As I read the title of the blog I thought to myself this may be a very interesting blog. How can such an online course take place, considering a public speaking class would seem to require the student body to be present? After reading the blog I came to understand the blogger was speaking of public speaking in a virtual space. This was very interesting to me as creating a strategy to design such would bring on challenges. This blog for me was a good read.

The second blog I read was equally as good as the first as this blogger gave information on how action mapping can change your design process So I’m thinking what is action mapping? I came to understand it’s the focus on the activity versus the information. The client may think they need a course but after the action mapping you may not need to develop a course but design an area more specific to the learners needs.

The last blog I read was the most enjoyable because the blogger was actually talking about me! The blog is titled “Instructional Design for Beginners – What Motivates People to Learn.” I must agree I did not think of the art of being an instructional designer but more so the academic influences. This blogger actually had valuable information I could use as a beginner Instructional Designer. The ARCS model was discussed as well as motivational design both are valued information. I will continue to read this bloggers blogsJ

As I’m not sure I actually got the hang of blogging…I’m going to continue to keep at it even after this course.


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